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Michael W Miller

Dave I cant thank you enough! WHOA..I had 5 Empower signups, 2 Pure Leverage and just now my fourth DCSX, that is 1K residual per month! You just made my mortgage payment! Thanks bud!

Wim Braam

Hi Russell, thanks for 20 Minute Payday! I've started on the 8th of July, I've made already $785 with DotSecrets! Your system rocks! Thanks!

Tina Barnett

Proud to be a part of this group and community! I joined 20Minute a little over a week ago...collected 35 leads so far..3paid signups in PL, and 3 paid signups in EN!! Love it!!

Eddie Goynes Jr

Just checked my email and got another 'received funds' email from Empower Network! Yahoo! Keep cutting the checks baby!!! Thanks 20minutePayday!!!

Maxime Lampron

This is AMAZING!! Does 20 minute payday work DEFINITLY!!

Edward Tomilloso

Im loving the system. Its bringing daily signups. I AM STOKED!

Michael W. Miller

Added 6 to empower, 2 in PI, and 4 signups DCSX. One fb ad! Bring on the COOP. I love promoting 3 systems with one program! Russell Brunson is a genius! Period!